Tips and Tricks

If you have any tips and trucks to share with other players, please comment below.

Here are a few helpful tips and tricks

  • For beginners: the hit probability (without combat experience) is also shown as an embossed number on the unit miniature base plate. This way you don’t always have to look at the troop card when fighting. With each new experience level (veteran/yellow, war hero/red) it increases by 2. The movement points are also embossed as little hexagons.
  • Take into account that only your foot soldiers (Infantry, Mounted Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Anti-Tank Gunners) can capture Forts and that only your Anti-Aircraft units, Heavy Infantry and your own air units can defend against air attacks.
  • Try to fight as many battles as possible where the enemy cannot fire back, e.g. with long range weapons (artillery), aircraft or against units that cannot fire back in close combat (mortars, etc.). This way you can damage enemy units without taking damage yourself and you gain valuable combat experience.
  • Repairing takes a long time. Consider carefully if you can do without important units for so long.
  • Planes are weak in attacking ground troops, but can be used effectively to block enemy armies and prevent them from intervening in battles.
  • Relatively weak units such as artillery or aircraft often do not land a single point of damage when attacking tanks, as this would require 2 hits. It is best to gain combat experience with other “softer” targets first.
  • Place your transport wagons on the map so that they can just be reached by your infantry/mounted infantry. This will give them maximum range. At best, this will allow you to threaten a fort 15 hexes away (6 hexes on the road for full movement of the Mounted Infantry into the truck + 8 hexes on a road for full movement of transport truck + 1 hex offloading the Mounted Ingantry to a neighboring hex).
  • Have a strategy! Opportunistically attacking heavily damaged units or charging a remote neutral fort may be tempting, but it must fit into the overall strategy. Don’t get caught up in petty skirmishes that tie up your troops while the battle is being decided in another theater.
  • Transporter trucks are cheap and therefore good for clearing mines. Just let a transporter drive up and trigger the mine if necessary, and then move your more valuable troops along the same path behind it.
  • The hit probability (e.g. ≤6 for a tank without combat experience) for an undamaged unit (=12 combat dice) also corresponds to the expected value of the hits at the same time. I.e. if you attack with a tank (without combat experience, without damage), you can expect it to land about 6 hits.
  • What to do when you run out of miniatures? Just use the enclosed cardboard tokens and attach one of the enclosed marker sticks to them.
  • If you run out of mine markers, you can use the enclosed chips with the numbers 1-12 (that you used to determine your starting positions) as further mine markers.


  • A house rule suggestion: I love it when every player can chose a special forces unit to start with

    Posted August 28, 2021
    • HOUSE RULE re Conquering Bunkers/Forts:

      When a unit conquers an ENEMY bunker, it suffers 1 damage.

      (this makes attacking an enemy bunker have a slight cost, and forbids almost dead units -units with 5 wounds – from conquering bunkers.

      VARIANT 1 – when conquering ANY fort/bunker (Enemy OR Neutral) suffer 1 damage.
      VARIANT 2 – when you conquer a fort and take a wound, you also gain 1xp.

      Aaron Gelb
      Posted November 22, 2023
  • Will the Tips and Tricks become downloadable eventually?

    Stephen Farrell
    Posted September 10, 2021
    • We don’t plan that, since we see that as a “living” list, where things are constantly added. But you print this page out (or print to PDF) and it should come out OK in terms of formatting, etc.

      Philipp (PKB Games)
      Posted September 10, 2021
  • I noticed a few comments on Kickstarter about problems getting the cardboard unit counters to fit into the clip on posts. I found that by pinching the edge of the counter with plyers, it compressed the counter enough so it would fit fine into the clip. A clean pair of plyers does no damage to the counter.

    David Henley
    Posted November 10, 2021
    • That’s an excellent idea! Thanks for sharing. And yes, I can confirm that the clips came out tighter in production that they were intended, unfortunately.

      Philipp (PKB Games)
      Posted November 10, 2021

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