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Unboxing and Review in Greek

Playthrough in Greek:

Here are a couple of previews of the game which happened before the Kickstarter campaign, that funded this game. Check them out, please note that the game materials shown in the previews are from the game prototypes, not the final game.


  • Idea for house rule with the winter side if the map. Each round you roll a die to see what the weather conditions for that day will be. Roll 1-4 and weather is fine. Roll 5-8 and you have heavy snow. Roll 9-12 and you have deep freeze.

    When weather is fine, game plays as normal. When heavy snow, you can’t move as fast, so each movement requirement is increased by .5 (roads are now 1, snow/meadow is 1.5 and forest is 2) for the round. If deep freeze, then things take longer to start up and your distance for each unit is reduced by 1. If a unit only has one movement (Heavy Morter), they can only be moved by transport. Also, the river is now frozen and can be crossed by all units, but be careful if you leave units on it, as next round they could be stuck in water if not frozen again and if a unit that can’t normally be in water is there and conditions change they are sunk and lost. Gunboat can’t move as they are stuck in ice but can attack and defend from their starting position.

    David Yarc
    Posted September 20, 2021
    • Hi David, I’ve moved your comment to the “Rules FAQ” section and replied there. This is easier for followers to read all house rule suggestions in one place.

      Philipp (PKB Games)
      Posted September 21, 2021

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