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    • I would like to say that I am absolutely blown away by the quality and professionalism that Trench Club rolled out with. Speaks volumes to the creator and support teams around it.

      Concerning the future of PKB and the following games would it be possible to look into the Eastern Front in WWII? Perhaps small unit tactics in the same vein of Trench Club but opened up on the massive steppes or claustrophobic fighting in destroyed cities. Just a thought.
      Either way, love your work and I look forward to your coming projects!

      Keep up the EXCELLENT work!

      Robert Zapp
      Posted October 11, 2021
      • Thank you so much for your kind words, Robert, and thanks for the idea! Nothing to announce yet about the next game, but stay tuned…
        And by the way: please give Trench Club a good rating on BGG and/or Amazon, if you like the game!

        Philipp (PKB Games)
        Posted October 11, 2021
    • Hi Philipp,
      I am waiting for your next game and I wish that you will give the possibiity to buy an “integration kit” for Trench Club with miniatures.

      Go ahead to the next step!


      Simone Rastelli
      Posted November 19, 2021
      • Thank you, Simone! I‘ll keep you updated! 🙂

        Philipp (PKB Game)
        Posted November 20, 2021

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